Buoyed by the success of its 7.5m Farmline Trailing Shoe, slurry equipment specialist SlurryKat introduces wider models up to 10.5m, staying true to the brand's principles of strength and lightweight design.

Garth Cairns, SlurryKat Innovator and CEO, expressed, "The demand for wider models has grown as slurry tankers have become larger. These new models retain the lightweight design, incorporating new features and upgrades."

The new 9m and 10.5m models maintain a lightweight profile, with the 9m weighing 600kgs and the 10.5m at 636kgs. Featuring unique inverted booms in the transport position and a novel flip-over end section for added width, these models offer enhanced operational ease.

Flip-up shoes on the beam with a hydraulic cylinder, not present in the 7.5m model, improve headland turns. Garth Cairns highlighted, "The machine does not need to be folded up to reverse; the operator flips up the shoes, carries out the maneuver, then drops the shoes and continues working."

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The Farmline models incorporate the SlurryKat ventilated macerator distributor head for equal slurry distribution along the boom, a feature competitor products lack. Standard crash protection system with a shear bolt, spacing of shoes at the SlurryKat standard of 250mm, full galvanization, and UV-resistant hoses contribute to the machines' durability.

The Farmline Trailing Shoes, working alongside the Premium Plus range, expand SlurryKat's offerings without replacing existing models. Additionally, SlurryKat introduces the NEW 1400m Front Reeler with an enhanced drive system for increased durability.