G T Bunning and Sons are set to introduce a new spreader range at LAMMA 2024 tailored for users seeking precise, lower application rates of dense products like lime, FYM, chicken manure, and compost. The company will also showcase an additional model in the high-capacity Lowlander Widebody HBD range.

The new Bunning Lowlander 120 Compact Narrow HBD spreader will take centre stage, forming part of Bunning’s innovative Lowlander Narrow range. Featuring four new models – Lowlander 120, 120 (Compact), 150, and 150 (Compact) – the range incorporates narrower bodies to achieve lower application rates while maintaining the two 1,100mm spinning discs standard on HBD machines.

Ben Johnson, UK and Ireland sales manager at Bunning, highlights the enhanced versatility of the new range, stating, “The Narrow spreaders will appeal to users wanting to run wider tyres to reduce compaction but keep within a 3m road width and allows lower applications rates to be applied due to a narrower aperture.”

The Scottish Farmer: The 250 HBD is an addition to the Lowlander Widebody HBD range offering a standard 26m3 capacityThe 250 HBD is an addition to the Lowlander Widebody HBD range offering a standard 26m3 capacity (Image: web)

The Narrow range upholds the renowned high build quality associated with Bunning spreaders and features a 1,250mm-wide body, contrasting with the 1,500mm body on standard HBD machines. Particularly suitable for heavy product applications, the range incorporates a larger floor drive gearbox, boosting torque from 5,000Nm to 8,000Nm, and larger motors on the gearbox to enhance torque at low floor speeds.

To optimise product transfer to the discs, the spreaders incorporate additional floor slats on every other horizontal chain link on the moving floor – a departure from standard HBD spreaders, which feature a floor slat on every third horizontal link. As wider flotation tyres are a popular factory upgrade, the new range, due to its narrow body, can be fitted with broader 800/70 R38 tyres to reduce compaction and stay under 3m wide. The model showcased at the event is available for demonstrations throughout the UK next year.

Also making an appearance is an additional model for Bunning’s largest Lowlander Widebody range. The 250 HBD is a 25t rated spreader with a capacity of 26m3, surpassing the current largest UK machine, the 230 HBD. It features a 200mm longer body, a full chassis construction, and the option to increase carrying capacity to 31m3 with side extensions for lighter products like compost.