Goodyear Farm Tires has created a new Low Sidewall Technology Development Centre in France to provide its UK and European distributors and customers with improved access to one of its key products.

The French HQ of Titan International which re-introduced Goodyear Farm Tires to the European market in 2019 will begin the manufacturing and customisation of wheels for the exclusive LSW wheel and tyre assemblies at the start of April.

The firm says the LSW assemblies have been a huge success for farmers across the world. Operating at up to 40 per cent lower inflation pressures than standard tyres, they provide increased crop yield thanks to reduced soil compaction.

Featuring a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than a conventional tyre, the LSW possesses exceptional flotation properties enabling easier travel on wet soil as well as reduced power hop and greater stability which minimises road lope.

The Scottish Farmer: Manufacturing at the facility begins in AprilManufacturing at the facility begins in April

Previously, all production and assembly of LSW products took place in the USA but the move to a French base means they will now be delivered to European countries at a faster pace and with greater flexibility.

Lindsay Hart, European sales director for Goodyear Farm Tires said: “This is a real game-changer for our LSW offering across Europe and it will bring huge benefits to distributors and farmers alike.

“The LSW is the centrepiece of the technological expertise and insight we deliver at Goodyear Farm Tires and we wanted to ensure that the European market had the best possible access to all the benefits it brings.

“We will now be in a position to supply the LSW products more quickly and efficiently. Dealers will be able to order the products in smaller quantities than they have been able to previously and with more flexibility in terms of the different wheel offsets required for the various applications.”

Of the LSW products available to European farmers, the most popular front and rear combinations are the 1100/45R46 and 1000/45R32, which can be used on a range of different tractors including a selection of John Deere, Case, and New Holland models.

Scott Sloan, agricultural products manager for Goodyear Farm Tires said the technology has been received extremely positively in multiple markets.

“LSW technology was developed to address the everyday issues that growers face and to eliminate those headaches,” he explained.

“The lower sidewall virtually eliminates road lope and also reduces the sidewall’s ability to buckle under high draft loads, dramatically reducing or eliminating the issue of power hop.

Titan International has been manufacturing Goodyear Farm Tires in America for more than a decade and has supplied tyres specifically for the European market since 2019.