Bobcat introduced its first compact wheel loader, the L85, in 2021. Following that, in 2022, the company added the L75 value model, and in 2023, it launched the top-tier premium model, the L95.

Responding to customer feedback, Bobcat has announced annual updates for the L75 and L85 for the 2024 model year, integrating some advanced features introduced in the L95.

Bobcat's compact wheel loader range has received recognition, with the L85 winning the product discipline in the 2021 iF Design Awards and both the L75 and L85 receiving the Product Design category award in the BIG SEE awards in September of the same year.

All three models share standard features aimed at providing operator comfort and ease-of-operation, including a heated cab, joystick integrated with suspension seat, adjustable steering wheel, key ignition with quick Start-Stop, automatic parking brake, and a 5-inch digital screen.

The Scottish Farmer: Based on customer feedback, Bobcat has improved the forward-reverse response timeBased on customer feedback, Bobcat has improved the forward-reverse response time

New features introduced in the L75 and L85 for the 2024 model year include:

-Power Bob-Tach: A factory option for the L85, providing efficient attachment connection for various applications.

-Heated Air Suspension Cloth Seat: Enhancing operator comfort with a higher backrest, headrest, air suspension setup, and heating for all-weather comfort.

-Advanced Attachment Control: Improved features for easier operation, including the flex-drive feature and auto-idle functionality.

-Automatic Ride Control: Enhanced feature to improve driving comfort and stability when moving with a load.

-High Flow: Improved feature to run high-flow attachments more efficiently, with increased pressure and reduced automatic derate time.

-Joystick Control: Enhanced forward-reverse response time and improved lift and tilt functionality for increased productivity.

-Left-hand Arm Rest Upgrade for Suspension Seat: Aftermarket orderable item for greater seating comfort and left-hand support.

-These updates reflect Bobcat's commitment to continuous improvement and responding to customer needs, with options for both factory upgrades and aftermarket enhancements.