Following becoming the sole UK distribution for Kumm Technik slurry tankers at the end of 2023, Norwich-based J Riley Agri has announced a demonstration of the all-new KTR 20.5m3 twin-axle tanker, fully equipped with a Bomech Farmer 15m trailing shoe.

This large-scale machine includes a four-tonne capacity adjustable drawbar, air suspension, and Michelin 800/60R32 tyres with central tyre inflation.

The tanker is designed with two separate compartments, prioritising the emptying of the rear compartment to ensure effective weight distribution to the drawbar, beneficial on uneven terrains.

The system allows for the release of air from the front axle suspension for 90 seconds to shift additional weight to the tractor. The KTR model also comes equipped with a double-hinged eight-inch filling arm, adaptable for use with both a tanker docking station or lagoon.

It also features a macerator and stonetrap located before the 9000-litre/min pump, and the application rate can be managed through the Kumm touchscreen display or its Isobus compatibility.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the KTR range of Kumm tankers,” said Sion Williams, sales director for slurry equipment at J Riley Agri.

“Michael Kumm built his first tanker after being unable to find a machine on the market which was suitable for his contracting business in Germany.

“Now, 15 years later, Kumm Technik is known for its high-quality tankers.

He highlighted: “The KTR range runs from 14 to 30m³, and we can also supply the KTS 30m³ articulated road tanker which is fully UK-compliant.”

“We have the 20.5m³ KTR tanker available for demonstration, fitted with a 15m Bomech Farmer trailing shoe applicator.

Sion concluded: “This tanker maintains an accurate application rate even when applying

lower volumes thanks to the rotary lobe pump and 8” flow-meter working

with a three-way valve which directs the correct volume to the boom and sends the excess back to the tank.”