Available with new transmissions and integrated AutoTrac functionalities in the dashboard, the new John Deere 5M is a versatile machine in the field, around the farmyard, and on the road.

John Deere has also added the 5M 130 to the range, broadening the upper power class portfolio with a maximum output of up to 135 horsepower.

The new PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmission options provide farmers with solutions for a wide range of tasks. The technology allows operators to experience continuous pulling power with smooth gear shifts within the selected group. Additionally, a button on the lever eliminates the need for manual clutching when shifting between groups.

Thanks to the EcoShift feature, the 5M tractor reduces rpm to save fuel while delivering sufficient power to accomplish transport tasks efficiently at up to 40km/h.

The integration of AutoTrac in the dashboard – a feature that 6M Series owners enjoy in the corner post display – enhances precision and efficiency by minimising overlaps during field and grassland work. The guidance system helps to stay on track in straight-line field jobs. An upgrade to more sophisticated guidance functionalities with a G5 universal display is possible at any time.

With a compact 4.1-metre turning radius, the John Deere 5M series provides great manoeuvrability, making it well-suited for tasks such as yard work and animal feeding in confined spaces. The low hood and the large roof window offer operators with excellent visibility, especially for front loader tasks.

The new 5M series comes with the predictive analysis functionality Expert Alerts, enabling early recognition of required maintenance needs, which further enhances operational reliability and minimises unexpected downtime.