Motoring experts have revealed how UK drivers can prevent condensation and fogginess in their cars amid worsening winter weather.

Condensation is known to make diving more difficult by restricting visibility and making road use more dangerous for the person operating the vehicle and those around them.

The life hacks, which have been revealed by car experts, Leasing Options, suggest that these can increase visibility and lower the hassle caused by having to clear soaking windows.

Expert life hack to get rid of condensation from car windows

The Scottish Farmer: Canva - How to get rid of condensation in carsCanva - How to get rid of condensation in cars (Image: Canva)

The main life hack involves using coarse salt which is known for its powerful water-absorbant properties.

Leasing options suggest filling tupperware boxes with this salt and piercing holes in the box lid to prevent the salt from spilling all over the car.

This is a popular anti-damp and condensation measure used in homes across the country, having been praised by popular housekeeping Facebook groups and damp prevention experts alike.

Other life hacks to lower or get rid of condensation 

There are also other effective ways to prevent condensation in cars:

Cat litter in a pair of tights

Yes, you heard that right, Cat litter is also known for its water-absorbant qualities and can be used to take water out of the air.

Tie the tights to a secure location such as the rearview window shelf and let this trick work its magic.

Washing up liquid on windscreens 

This life hack is often used to prevent bathroom windows from steaming up and should work just as well on car windows.

By rubbing washing up liquid on a window with a dry cloth and allowing it to dry, warm air will be prevented from settling on the cool window and be unable to cause condensation.

Silica sachets to reduce humidity by 40%

Often found in boxes for a new pair of shoes, silica sachets can come in handy when attempting to prevent water build-up on car windows.

When researching the science behind this nifty trick, Leasing Options found that these sachets can reduce moisture by up to 40%. 

Clean windows with shaving foam to prevent misting 

Slathering shaving foam onto car windows is another way you can prevent condensation.

By rubbing it in with your fingers and washing it off, the trick can stop moisture from adhering to the window, leaving it mist-free.