FARMERS FACE several new challenges in storing cereal and oilseed grains, highlighted once again by some dodgy harvest weather, according to the HGCA, which has recently published its ‘Grain storage guide’.

These ‘new’ challenges include difficulties in cooling grain due to warmer autumns and winters; a reducing range of crop protection products to protect against and treat infestations; more customers demanding ‘pest-free’ and ‘pesticide-free’ grain and the growing incidence of insect and mite resistance to established chemical control measures

The key advice:

Monitor and sample

Sample grain as it enters store to decide storage strategy

Sample grain again before sale

Monitor empty stores and stored grain

Use traps to monitor for insects andmites

Monitor temperature and moisture throughout bulk regularly

Take remedial action as necessary

A PANEL of experts in new ‘clinics’ will offer specific advice on a one-to-one basis to visitors to this year’s UK Grain event to be held on Tuesday, November 3, at the Newark Showground, Notts.

After a year in which storage and drying facilities were under intense pressure on many farms, the event should provide the answers to key questions regarding new ways to cope with wet grain.

The only event of its type, UK Grain brings together the industry’s professionals and focuses on all aspects of the grain business from the moment it enters the store, through to marketing the crop. Expert speakers in the clinics and seminars will aim to equip visitors with the latest advice on how to improve drying performance and efficiency in existing stores.