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RSABI is Here to Help

RSABI is a unique rural charity with roots going back to 1897 and a determination to make a real difference to people in Scotland.

Helping people who have depended on the land, RSABI assists those faced with crisis because of accident, ill-health, redundancy or other misfortune and those in retirement who struggle to pay essential bills. RSABI has ambitious plans to increase the number of people it helps. With over £520,000 provided to over 500 beneficiaries last year, the need for this unique charity remains. This winter RSABI seeks to alleviate the effects of fuel hardship. Their Help for Heating Fund has provided up to £5,000 in separate payments of £300.

Thankfully RSABI is here to help people like “Katherine”: Following the passing of a well-respected Scottish farmer, his widow found herself with little retirement provision and only her home to show for years of work. Putting aside her pride, she approached RSABI in desperation when her modest savings ran out, meaning she was struggling to keep herself warm and to run her car. RSABI immediately provided a delivery of heating oil, before taking her on as an Annual Beneficiary.

Support RSABI today!

For those fortunate not to need help, please consider a donation by becoming an RSABI supporter. You, or your company can join as an Individual (min £25), Business (min £150) or Corporate supporter (min £500). Business level is appropriate for working farm businesses and donations made by standing order are gratefully received.

Call RSABI in confidence about Help for Heating, the campaign to introduce new people for assistance and the Supporter Scheme: 0131 472 4166, or visit