THE murmerings over the workings of the Crofting Commission have now developed into a full blown crescendo.
So far, grazing committees have been suspended, other are in open revolt and, to cap it all, a leading expert on crofting affairs has accused the commission of ignoring the will of Parliament.
Now, Scottish Government ministers are facing calls to intervene in the crisis by the main crofting industry organisation, the Scottish Crofting Federation.
Indeed, the SCF has gone as far as to demand an independent inquiry into the commission's alleged misbehaviour.
The level of criticism has mounted so quickly that it is now incumbent on the Scottish Government to institute an independent external audit of the commission.
And, if the Crofting Commissioners feel the criticism to be unjust, they too should welcome independent scrutiny of their actions.
One thing is for sure, Scottish ministers cannot continue to sit on their hands on this one. Action must be taken swiftly and decisively!