CROFTING Commission convener Colin Kennedy – who survived a resignation call during the stramash over the administration of common grazings on the isle of Lewis – is putting his hat back in the ring in the forthcoming elections.

Mr Kennedy told The Scottish Farmer: "I am standing again for election as I believe the job I started in 2012 is not completed.

"I have been given overwhelming support from crofters across the crofting counties over the past four months, who recognise the commission requires people who are not afraid to take the decisions which the law provides for, rather than the decisions which certain individuals desire.

"It is my paramount desire to ensure fair and equal treatment of all crofters regardless of where they reside," he said. "I am aware the board have been informed by a commissioner on several occasions 'you don't understand, crofting is different in our area', which may be the case – and should it be that the Scottish Government have made special arrangements for that area, then it is only fair that crofters in all counties are afforded equality.

"The board provides leadership, direction, support and guidance to make sure the commission does its job properly in line with the law. This is what I have tried to do and intend to continue to do should I be re-elected."

Mr Kennedy added: "Also of extreme importance to every crofter is an explanation as to why the executive requested certain papers be destroyed, and why those vast documents were not on the commission system when a freedom of information request was received.

"Who produced those papers which were then provided to both the commission committee and the full board with a list of options on how to dispose of such cases remains a mystery requiring answers," he said. "And why was the minute of the board dated September 15, 2015, in relation to those papers not implemented, together with numerous other minutes which were not implemented."