FARMERS should make more use of biosolids – recycled sewage sludge – as a safe way to improve agricultural land.
Scottish Water is currently looking to engage with farmers and landowners on the topic, and is set to have waste management officers travelling the length and breadth of the country to promote the material as a source of organic matter, phosphate and other important nutrients. 
SW’s Barry Mulholland said: “Biosolids are ideal soil conditioners owing to their humus forming and fertilising properties. Well managed use of biosolids will help improve soil quality, both structure and texture, reduce fertiliser costs, increase crop yields and help reduce a farm’s carbon footprint.
“Waste management officers will work with farmers and landowners to identify suitable fields and locations for biosolids use. Scottish Water undertakes analysis of both the biosolids and the receiving soils, and application rates are determined in conjunction with the farmer’s proposed cropping plan to ensure effective use of the biosolids’ nutrients.”
That soil analysis is carried out by SAC Consulting, and recycling will be carried out by appointed suppliers to SW in consultation with the farmer and the waste management officers. SW’s recycling activities have been developed after consultation with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. 
Waste management officers will be speaking to farmers and landowners across the country to establish a land bank, and will have a presence at various agricultural events throughout the year.