RESPECTED DAIRY sector analyst Chris Walkland will be polishing his crystal ball at next week's AgriScot, and setting out his views on the prospects for milk.

“The dairy sector has had a tumultuous few years, and, whilst markets have been and are a lot more positive, it is fair to say that there’s some turbulence ahead.," said Mr Walkland. "The market has turned now and farmers need to be aware of the rapidly changing dynamics and prospects.”

Although what lies ahead is hard to predict, Chris will be taking the best available market data he can get to try and give pointers on how the milk price might settle out over the next six months. He’ll also take a look at some big picture issues.

“How is Brexit likely to affect the sector? What are the potential implications of trade deals with non-EU countries? How will our trading relationship with the Republic of Ireland, traditionally a big exporter of dairy produce to the UK be affected?

“These are some of the questions that I will look to examine and project some possible answers for,” he promised. Whilst I may not have a real crystal ball packed for AgriScot, I do hope that my in-depth analysis of current markets can form the basis of some answers as to what the future may hold.”