A LEADING consumer group has hit back against animal rights activists who have been encouraging consumers to stop using animal-derived materials, on the grounds that they are hazardous to the environment.

Last Thursday, the Consumer Choice Center launched a campaign titled #ChoiceInFashion – which seeks to inform consumers about animal-derived materials used for fashion and debunk myths and urban legends spread by what they call ‘self-proclaimed animal rights groups’.

Managing director Fred Roeder explained: “The Consumer Choice Center values animal rights, animal welfare, and protection of the environment but this campaign seeks to debunk some of the myths used by animal-rights groups to cloud the judgments of consumers.

“More and more innovations already allow consumers to switch to animal-free food products and fashion items,” he continued. “At the same time, a trend of emotionally charged campaigns, such as those undertaken by PETA, that misinform consumers about animal welfare in developed countries has been on the rise. With alternatives at hand, there is no reason to stigmatise against the use of real fur and leather in fashion choice,” said Mr Roeder.

“In the coming weeks and months, we will provide more information and arguments for choice in fashion on our website: www.ChoiceInFashion.com.” he concluded.