“SHOULD all Scottish children grow up with a sense of rural life?” – this is the question being posed at this month’s National Rural Learning Centre and Network Conference on March 18, in Perth.

Individuals and organisations are welcome to attend the free event, in the hope of gathering their views on the importance of building on the rural education of young people in Scotland, as well as looking at bridging the growing gap between rural and urban learning.

The development of a new National Rural Learning Centre and Network has been proposed by Countryside Learning Scotland, as a solution to an increasing lack of awareness of rural life – as children are growing up disconnected from the land.

The project manager behind the proposal, David Ritchie, explained: “The NRLC will be a centre of excellence for those already living and working in the countryside. But also serve as an interface between Scotland’s urban population and those living in more rural areas, or with a closer link to the land.”

Confirmed speakers for the upcoming conference include Liz Smith MSP, Alasdair Dobson from Taste of Arran and Rob Wainwright, former Scotland Rugby captain.

The event will take place at Scottish Natural Heritage at Battleby, Perth between 10am and 3pm on March 18. For more information and to register for free to attend the event, visit Countryside Learning Scotland.