‘A CASH strapped industry can never be a safe industry,’ said the Farmers for Action Group this week, in its response to the latest Farm Safety Week.

A spokesman said: “Whilst fully supporting Farm Safety Week, we wish to again point out that farm safety and non-profitability are inextricably linked.”

FFA asked: “Would a farmer be up on a farm shed roof trying to repair it, if he could afford a new one and the professionals to fit it; or would any farmer put themselves in danger with livestock if they could afford better facilities?”

William Taylor, FFA’s NI co-ordinator stated: “Here we are one year on after another atrocious year of farm accidents involving families that will never be the same again, with beef prices at rock bottom, milk, cereals and most vegetables and other commodities in a similar position, all being held down in price by the food corporates.

“It is time politicians delivered legislation on farm gate prices as a matter of urgency, in fact, as matter of life or death for many farmers.”