THE AGRICULTURAl Industries Confederation – the UK trade association representing agricultural supply chain sectors including arable marketing, crop protection, agronomy, feed, fertiliser and seed – has announced the election of Angela Booth as its new vice chairman.

Ms Booth brings many years of broad experience in the industry, including several years as chair of the AIC Feed Executive Committee, a member of the AIC Board, and several roles on industry executives and committees. She is currently the AB Agri Director of Feed Safety. In her career, she has had widespread involvement, including feed safety, operations, quality, nutrition, purchasing, legislation and sustainability.

“I’m delighted to assume the position of vice chairman at AIC, an organisation that continues to act as the leading voice for the UK farming industry,” said Ms Booth. “We operate in unpredictable times, making AIC’s role as the leading voice for agrisupply trade members more vital than ever.

“AIC’s members are key in supporting arable and livestock producers with their extensive knowledge and expert guidance. As it becomes more important than ever to both produce food efficiently and manage our natural resources, AIC will be a strong voice for its members in discussions with government departments, NGOs, and relevant bodies both in and outside of the UK.”

AIC chief executive Robert Sheasby said.“I’m very pleased that Angela will be taking the role of vice chairman following her election. She has been a key figure at AIC in promoting members’ interests across the UK agriculture industry. As the agri-supply element of agriculture faces a growing number of challenges and opportunities in the coming years, we need the insight and forward vision of leaders like Angela who will lead AIC members with a strong voice and intelligent outlook.”