EVEN As rain begins to fall in some parts of Australia, wildfires continue to devastate large portions of the country.

The fires have already destroyed an estimated ten million hectares, claiming 25 lives and killing huge numbers of wildlife and livestock.

As thoughts turn to the clean up and recovery, animal nutrition company Alltech has launched a global fundraising effort for Australian farmers and pledged to match all donations received dollar-for-dollar.

The Australia Farming Relief Fund will provide goods and services directly to producers and will be coordinated on the ground by Alltech family companies Alltech Lienert Australia and KEENAN Australia.

“The Australia Farming Relief Fund represents a coordinated effort among our Alltech family, suppliers, customers and the global agriculture industry to support the producers who feed our families and are the core of our rural communities,” said Mark Peebles, managing director of Alltech Lienert, which is located in Roseworthy, Australia. “The bushfires have been devastating, but Australians are resilient, and we are committed to rallying around our farmers as they recover from this crisis.”

As farmers assess the damage, the loss of livestock is expected to exceed 100,000. Producers, who were already contending with a three-year drought, are now struggling to secure supplies and feed.

Alltech Lienert and KEENAN Australia will use their resources to distribute supplies either donated locally or purchased using donations from the Australia Farming Relief Fund. Such supplies will include hay, finished feed, feed supplements, silage, water troughs, fencing and non-perishable items.

The companies will deploy their trucks and drivers to deliver supplies to producers in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Team members will also volunteer their time to work alongside farmers, rebuilding fences, repairing sheds and providing any on-farm support they need.

The effort will initially focus on dairies, sheep and beef farms, and apiaries. Alltech is also exploring partnerships that will offer longer-term mental health support for farmers grappling with trauma as a result of the fires.

Donations to the Australia Farming Relief Fund, collected through the non-profit Pearse Lyons ACE Foundation, can be made via www.alltech.com/australia-farming-relief-fund