THERE IS an 'insatiable appetite' for computer games that allow players to run simulated farms – and games developers are continually working to make these simulations more true to life.

The latest virtual farm title is 'Cattle and Crops', created by Masterbrain Bytes and published by Austria's Toplitz Productions.

Aiming to provide a realistic agricultural simulation, 'Cattle and Crops' including features such as dynamic weather – which influences growing cycles within the game – soil conditions, real-world farming equipment, and much more.

It may not be real, but it is still a serious business. Aspiring agri-giants will need to maximize their farm’s output by balancing growing cycles with marketplace needs, all while handling day to day tasks like caring for livestock and maintaining equipment. In the game, a wide variety of aspects of agricultural life are portrayed, including detailed machinery, authentic sowing, fertilizing and harvesting, and complex livestock husbandry.

“Cattle and Crops will deliver a cornucopia of farming features that should please fans of simulations and especially agricultural simulations,” said Toplitz head of business, Stefan Berger. "We are very excited to add the game to our portfolio and are pleased to partner with Masterbrain Bytes to help them finish it.”

Lars Beinsen, managing director of Masterbrain Bytes, commented: "Our goal was to find a publisher that would understand and share our vision of a farming simulation and can support us in the development process. With Toplitz, we have found this partner at every level. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation and the new possibilities that this partnership will bring to the project in the future.”

German agricultural publishing house, Landwirtschaftsverlag, has also entered into the partnership, providing consulting services to bring an authentic realism to the game.

"Working together with developer Masterbrain Bytes and publisher Toplitz Productions, we believe our expertise will ensure Cattle and Crops is an incredibly realistic farming simulation,” said managing director Malte Schwerdtfeger.