GAMEKEEPERS on Greenlaw Moor in the Scottish Borders have decided to show solidarity with hard working health workers after counting the ambulances passing them on the Duns road.

Head gamekeeper Jamie Goodall and Tom Wilson realised how much busier the road adjacent to their ground had become with emergency vehicles during the Covid-19 crisis. Whilst carrying out agreed heather cutting, the pair were spotting eight or nine ambulances at a time and decided to express their moral support for the passing crews.

Avoiding muirburn due to the dry conditions, the gamekeepers applied to Scottish Natural Heritage for a derogation to cut 20 acres of heather on the protected moor site instead, to avoid stands of rank heather becoming a fire hazard. After getting that work done, they decided to put their swipe and mower to use, to show their unity with the passing ambulance service workers by cutting the letters 'NHS' into the hillside.

Mr Goodall said: “Hopefully they can see it and will feel their work is being appreciated by us all.