FARMERS heading into the field with large machinery for cutting and baling silage, have been reminded to be wary when using high extending machinery around overhead powerlines.

NFU Scotland vice president Charlie Adam said: “Many farm businesses will be cutting, baling and transporting silage from fields to sheds, steadings and other spaces. While doing so it is important that those operating tractors, telehandlers and other machinery take particular caution for overhead powerlines.

“Too often we hear about incidents which end in tragedy due to machinery coming into contact with overhead lines," said Mr Adam. "These incidents are often completely avoidable if those working near the lines employ proper planning, thinking beforehand about where and how they are operating the machinery in relation to the powerlines.

“Before going to silage this year, take time to think about whether or not there are overhead powerlines in the field. If there are, can you designate an area away from them for any high stacking and reaching with the tractor or telehandler?

“Placing warning or reminder stickers in the cab of your tractor or telehandler to remind you of the height of your machinery’s reach and the dangers associated with that, is also a good idea," he advised. “It is also important to take your time. Too often accidents happen because we rush to get jobs finished. Taking your time and sticking to the original plan may not save time but it could save your life.”