THESE heifers have had enough of isolation and took to the streets of Glasgow in protest – and where else but to the local vets4pets in Bearsden.

Some could say they are merely responding to Nicola Sturgeon’s new advice to increase daily exercise and have simply decided to extend their route a little further afield.

There have been no reports yet as to who the dairy cattle belong to, but their familiar behaviour suggests they come from the same herd, so they have been exempt from social distancing rules.

The current pandemic has reignited the public’s relationship with local food producers as we have seen a spike in direct buying and an increased awareness of where our food comes from.

Just in case the public hadn’t already got the message, these ladies are reminding people that dairy cows are working hard to make sure everyone in their homes are supplied with delicious nutritious dairy products and hope they will continue to support local farming long after we are past this pandemic.