Current wage proposals must take the 'exceptional times' into consideration, according to NFU Scotland.

Submitting its response to the Low Pay Commission consultation on increases to National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, the union cited feedback from more than 100 members who responded to its 2020 Employment and Wages survey.

Chair of the union’s legal and technical committee, Tom French, said: “We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the consultation. The outstanding response from members to our survey highlights how concerned members are over wages. Any changes to National Minimum and Living Wage must be delivered in light of unprecedented levels of uncertainty being driven by both Brexit and Covid-19.

“It is in our economic interests that businesses, and therefore employment, must be protected and flexibility around wages be introduced to ensure businesses have time to adapt to our post-Brexit future.”

The work of the LPC has both a direct and indirect impact on Scottish farm businesses. For Scottish agricultural workers, minimum standards continue to be set by the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board, whilst minimum pay for workers in diversified parts of businesses, for example processing or hospitality, may be set by the national wage regulations.

Although the consultation has officially closed, the LPC is still accepting written submissions due to exceptional circumstances. Individuals who would like to contribute can access the consultation on the LPC website.