THE FARMING community are invited to take part in a special webinar focussing on accessing mental health support in Scotland.

Farming charities have witnessed increased demand for their support lines in the last few months as more people in the farming community reach out for help.

On top of market and financial pressures, this year these worries have been compounded with health and well-being concerns due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In response, AHDB has teamed up with farming charity RSABI to offer specialist advice to attendees on how they can support their colleagues and family members, as well as look after their own personal wellbeing.

“Even in normal times farming can be isolated,” said director of AHDB Scotland, Paul Flanagan. “Given the additional market and financial pressures, along with health and well-being considerations linked to Covid-19, it’s even more important to be able to offer support to anyone facing mental health issues. AHDB has teamed up with the RSABI to give our farmers and growers access to specialist advice in this area to help provide support to those who need it most.”


AHDB’s fifth webinar in its series of six will take place this Wednesday, August 5, between 8pm and 8.30pm and will discuss the impact of Covid-19, how to access support in Scotland and how to seek financial, emotional or practical assistance.

Register now for this free webinar to raise the awareness of mental health within the Scottish farming community at