NSA'S SCOTTISH region has criticised the Lynx UK Trust following the announcement that it is pursuing a consultation on the re-introduction of Lynx to Central Scotland.

NSA noted that the trust had already been denied licences to release the Eurasian Lynx, an apex predator, into the British countryside – and once again reminded the proposers to note the devastating effects this could impact on the UK's sheep industry in the future.

Regional chairman Jen Craig said: “NSA Scottish Region will continue to represent the views of sheep farmers and crofters in Scotland who would be greatly impacted by any reintroduction of species into the country. The last consultation to date carried out by Lynx UK Trust was flawed and subsequently denied.

"It is also worth remembering that the Cabinet Secretary Fergus Ewing has also made his disapproval of any reintroduction in the past quite clear and we will continue to ensure that view is maintained in Scotland. Yet another predator to our flocks is certainly not required in these very tumultuous times.”