ANOTHER year, another zoom AGM for SAYFC's West region, which saw Katie Burns of Kilmaurs YFC retire from West regional chairman and Gayle Allan, of Avondale YFC, being appointed to the post.

Gayle commented: “It is a privilege to take on the chairman role and be leading the West region this year. The previous year definitely threw its fair share of challenges our way.

"All clubs have done a fantastic job of keeping their members engaged, especially since most events had taken on a new virtual format. However, zoom fatigue has hit, and it’s time to put the fun back into young farmers. We now look forward to starting this new year with a bang! And getting all of our favourite events back up and running in the near future.

"I want members to feel value for their membership again, and keep the buzz for events ‘old and new’ going all year round. For me young farmers have always been a place where you feel welcome, not just for the first time, but every time you attend. The future is most certainly looking bright for SAYFC.”

For the fourth year the West have a female duo with Jane Strawhorn from Crossroads YFC, taking on the role as the region's vice chairman: “I am absolutely delighted to have been entrusted with the role of West vice chairperson for the upcoming year. If you’d told me at my first Crossroads new members night, 11 years ago, that this is where I would be I would never have believed it.

"I cannot wait to get stuck in and work with Gayle and the committee over the upcoming year and really show off why West is best.”

Stewartry YFC member, John McCulloch was elected as the region's chairman of Rural and Agri Affairs.

The West region committee now comprises:

Ayrshire - David Campbell, David Smith, Jennifer Veitch, Thomas Murdoch, Donald Erskine and Cara Gilbert;

Clyde and Central - Stephen Taylor, Sam Penrice, Jan Duncan, Lorna Filshie, Ross Johnston and Linsey Campbell;

Dumfries and Galloway - Lewis Carruthers, Colin McKinnon, Kirsty McMath, Jenni Cannon and Lucy McClymont;

Lanarkshire - Amy Haddow, David Mitchell, Lizanne Young, and Caroline Hamilton.