FARMERS interested in increasing the role of grass in their operation might find inspiration at the first farm walk of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association’s Scottish regional group, scheduled to take place on Balbirnie Home Farms in Fife, on June 17.

Visitors will get to see Balbirnie’s mob grazing system in action, and hear how farms manager David Aglen and managing partner Johnnie Balfour have made the transition from a high input indoor system to a low-input outdoor system, that is 100% grass-fed and Pasture for Life certified.

The meeting is being organised by Clem Sandison and Nikki Yoxall, who have been appointed as Regional Facilitators for the PFLA in Scotland. In their new roles, they will be organising farm visits and meetings and providing support to local farmers interested in producing more of their meat and dairy just from grass and forage.

Ms Sandison has been facilitating the Mob Grazing Scotland Group for the Soil Association for the past three years, alongside other farmer-led research projects and agroforestry events.

Ms Yoxall farms with her husband using agroecological principles whilst producing beef from rare and native breed cattle. She also works for the PFLA as research co-ordinator, linking academic researchers and PFLA members and farmers.

The PFLA involves farmers, butchers, academics and consumers, and champions the regenerative role of ruminant grazing animals. With almost 700 members across the UK, the organisation is now setting up regional groups to reach increasing numbers of farmers looking to follow its more sustainable approach to food production.

“I found my way to regenerative farming when trying to identify viable solutions to the climate, biodiversity and health crises we face," said Ms Sandison. "I believe a transition to 100% pasture-fed farming in one of the ways we can restore ecosystems and produce nutritious food in Scotland.”

Any farmers interested in attending the first Scottish PFLA meeting, or would like to connect with other PFLA farmers in Scotland can contact Clem or Nikki by email: