FIFE FARMERS are being asked to consider playing host to a local model aeroplane club, which needs a new field from which to fly its miniature planes.

Dunfermline Model Aero Club was founded in 1936, and has since been active on various sites in the area, participating in competition at all levels of the sport and organising Home International meetings.

It is now looking to rent a piece of reasonably flat meadow or silage field some 200 feet / 60 metres square, or more, as a flying site, with an adjacent area for parking five vehicles. Track access to a public road would be needed, and the club would hope for clearance from power lines of some 100 yard/metres to allow radio control flying.

The club would provide agreed padlocks and has its own mower, and access to a shear type rough field mower, and would work to produce a suitable surface, by filling hoof holes and mowing, and would provide an electric stock fence if necessary – sheep are no problem, but cattle hooves aren't kind to runways.

With the planned expansion of Dunfermline southwards, the club is looking further afield for a new home – east towards Kirkcaldy, north towards Kinross, or west towards Kincardine.

DMAC's previous site was rented for 18 years from Lord Elgin, and managed by Davidson and Robertson of Currie – the club would be happy to approach D and R for a reference.

Any farmers who think they may have a site suitable for the club should contact Michael Grimes by email to or by text to 07717474860.

The club's website has more information on its activities, including its field maintenance work.