Having driven many variations on a theme of Transit vans and their various customised editions, I would have to say that the Custom Tourneo Titanium 1.0T Ecoboost PHEV automatic, is by far and away the best of the bunch for interior finish and driver comfort.

As the basic Transit van, it has a range of just under 900 miles with its 1-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine thanks to a regenerative braking system which feeds power back into the PHEV system. That tiny power pack _ at least by van standards – still manages to pump out 126bhp, though. However, the all-electric range miles amount to 34.7 – which, as a Mr Clarkson would say, was diddly squat!

It then requires four and a half hours to fully charge. It would, therefore, be great for a local delivery business, which could charge it overnight but not practical for much else on all electric.

The model tested was the eight-seater (including the driver) Custom Titanium, which while having the same stats as the van, it is out of this world so far as finish and usability is concerned.

The driver position is as good as any car with a 10-way power driver seat and armrest and manual lumber adjust. The passenger seat also has a four-way manual seat adjust with cushion tilt and manual lumber adjust.

My constant complaint of having cup holders next to the gear stick, has been easily solved by moving the cupholder to the dashboard and making it big enough and deep enough for a large cup.

As is usual with the Transit, the seat is high up and gives you a sense of security and it is easy to drive with good power for overtaking. It is still essentially a Transit van, so it is a big vehicle but there is no getting away from the fact that the space inside is designed for exceptional comfort and usability for both driver and passengers.

Despite its roomy passenger area, it also has a very large luggage area in the back, into which you could easily fit the family luggage, strollers, wheelchair etc.

It has sliding doors on both sides with steps to allow easy access and exit and rear privacy glass, with flip open second row windows and rear window blinds. The passenger area is carpeted and can be configured with individual comfortable seats facing towards one another (like a black cab) giving ample leg room and great passenger comfort with moveable headrests and reclining seats.

The passenger area also has its own air conditioning, which is controlled from the back and there are plenty of charging points and cup holders for the whole family. There is also the option to turn down the middle seats on both rows to create tables or arm rests.

The Titanium Custom is clearly aimed at the lifestyle market and would be a good family vehicle for transporting children and their accessories around. It would also be great for campers, surfers, airport taxi drivers and family weekends away.

The attention to detail for everyone’s comfort is exceptional and you could happily drive the 900 miles it can do on one tank.

Despite a medium quality radio and a little outside noise in the back there is nothing to find fault with in this vehicle … or is there?

With a starting price of £61,000 and £64,330 for the model tested, it is very expensive for what is essentially a Transit van with a few more seats in. Considering the basic Transit van on which it is customised is around £34,000, I find it hard to see where the value was in £30,000 of interior enhancement.