Scotland has risen up the rankings of European countries that produce electricity from renewables – with the latest available figures placing Scotland in the top three.

Scottish Government figures for 2020 show 97% of electricity in Scotland is gleaned from renewable sources. According to European figures, in 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland.

Other nations behind Scotland in the table include Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It also puts Scotland way ahead of the UK as a whole, as it produces just 35% of electricity from renewables.

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Commenting, SNP MSP and member of the Net Zero committee Natalie Don said: “Scotland is a world leader in producing electricity from renewable sources and we continue to increase our capacity to do so and provide a surplus to be exported to other countries around the world.

“In the year of COP26, Scotland will be on the world stage where we will be able to showcase our abilities to develop technologies and innovation to continue to produce clean energy for not only the people of Scotland to use but for it to be sold elsewhere," said Ms Don.

“Despite this, investment in Scotland’s world-leading renewables sector is being held back from its full potential as the Tories at Westminster continue to charge extortionate transmission rates in Scotland, making it more expensive for firms to have access to the grid to export electricity," she added.