By Sine Robertson

A good pen gave Ian Wilkie and Pip the lead at Rogart, where other dogs struggled to secure their sheep.

The Cheviot ewes behaved well on a level, but undulating, course that had holes and hollows ready to conceal the sheep on their way round. They were not easily penned and some good runs came to grief there.

Pip (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, I Wilkie’s Floss) ran out well and lifted her sheep, and although they went off line a little, she put them on line and made a good fetch, with another realignment after the fetch gate. The drive went well and when the ewes approached the gate on a line that was slightly high, one ewe took a fancy to the gate and led the packet through. A clean pen and shed followed and Pip took first place with a decisive lead.

The Mule gimmers at Carrick had to be treated with respect, and were tricky to fetch and to pen. Sandy McCulloch’s Risp (G McMullan’s Max and Jess) made good work of a good packet and won the prize for the best outbye work of the day.

Risp ran out on the uphill course and lifted and fetched her sheep nicely. The gimmers made a wide turn through the first drive gate, but Risp got them on line and completed the winning run with a very good pen and shed.

At Acharcle, well behaved Cheviot and Blackface ewes produced a high standard of work, running together on a good flat course, with just a dip on the first leg of the drive to detract from that.

Andy Carnegie’s Suus (E Groot’s Preseli Roy, J Roos’ Bess) started out with a clean outrun and lift, dropped a little for the lines of her fetch and drive, but a clean pen and shed completed her winning run.

Testing Cheviot cross Shetland gimmers on a challenging, reclaimed hill field of rough grass made it hard to attain high scores at Ollaberry, but fine weather made it enjoyable. The course ran downhill to the lift post, with a few hidden spots, but with the return to the pen from the cross drive gate more or less out of sight, it was easy for sheep to go astray.

Rob Colclough’s Malin (J Priest's Mirk and Sky) overshot a little at the top, and although she managed a perfect lift, she had a few wavers on the fetch. The gimmers were offline on their drive, but Malin penned them very well. The first attempt at the shed, did not come off, but it was successful second time round and Malin earned first place in the open class.

In the championship, Jerry Ramsay’s Josie (J McLaughlin's Dan, S McManus' Nell) overran a little on her outrun, but again managed a perfect lift, with slight wavers on her fetch. Again, the gimmers were a little offline on the drive; the shed did not go smoothly, but a clean pen and single secured Josie’s lead.

LEADING awards

Rogart (Judge: B Ross, Ardgay). Open – 50 ran –1, I Wilkie’s Pip, Tillypronie, 96; 2, W Cormack’s Jill, Dunnet, 93; 3, J Grant’s Pat, Dunbeath, 87; 4, D Simpson’s Gael, Barrock, 84; 5, T McPhee’s Scott, Wick, 82 Outbye; 6, M Grant’s Lass, Forss, 82; 7, J Sutherland’s Bob, Durness, 80 Outbye; 8, D Simpson’s Joe, Barrock, 80; 9, D Murray’s Brae, Rogart, 77; 10, T McPhee’s Scott, Wick, 76 County -1, J Sutherland’s Bob, Durnes, 80; 2, G Nicholson’s Jack, Shinness, 62; Local – 1, D Murray’s Brae, Rogart, 77.

Acharacle (Judge: I MacKay, Leanach). Open – 50 ran – 1, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 94; 2, P Martin’s Daisy, Glenlyon, 93; 3, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 92; 4, A McCuish’s Andy, Skipness, 90 Outbye; 5, S Campbell’s Queen, Skye, 90; 6, J MacKillop's Zac, Fort Augustus, 88; 7, SL Davidson’s Kyle, Sandbank, 84; 8, M MacNally's Ash, Invergarry, 86; Confined – 1, J MacKillop's Zac, Fort Augustus, 88; 2, M MacNally's Ash, Invergarry, 86; 3, J Shanks’ Mirk, Ardtornish, 85; 4, J MacLachlan's Mirk, Spean Bridge, 79; 6, K Strachan’s Roy, Roybridge, 76; 6, K Strachan's Kate, Roybridge,70.

Bridge of Balgie (Judge: A Olofsson, Alyth). Open – 50 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 91 Run Off; 2, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 91; 3, GC Gardner’s Bonnie (Gum), Lesmahagow, 90; 4, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 88; 5,GC Gardner’s Meg, Lesmahagow, 87; 6, AD Carnegie’s Jess, Comrie, 86; Glenlyon League - N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore.

Carrick (Judge: D Robertson, Langholm). Open – 45 ran – 1, A McCulloch’s Risp, Dalmellington, 91; 2, I Lockhart's Clyde, Dalrymple, 90 Outbye; 3, AR Mundell’s Taff, Moffat, 90; 4, JR Welsh’s Sonny, Dalrymple, 86; 5, N Gillon’s Shweep (Sweep), Dailly, 84; 6, W Welsh’s Doug, Dalcairney, 80; Confined – 1, N Gillon’s Glen, Dailly, 79; 2, W Welsh’s Jeb, Dalcairney, 56.

Ollaberry, Shetland (Judge:MC Hughson, Scalloway). Open – 18 ran - 1, R Colclough’s Malin, Westsandwick,74 /100; 2, J Ramsay’s Josie, Ollaberry, 72; 3, R Colclough’s Rosefield May, Westsandwick, 69; 4, D Murray’s Ali, North Roe, 66 Outbye; 5, C Williamson’s Sweep, Ollaberry, 66; Championship – Five ran – 1, J Ramsay’s Josie, Ollaberry, 87 /110; 2, C Williamson’s Sweep, Ollaberry, 81; 3, R Colclough’s Rosefield May, Westsandwick, 73.