FARMERS AND crofters who experienced reductions and/or penalties to their Pillar 1 payments in 2015 can expect to receive an email or letter in the coming weeks.

These letters will explain why those reductions or exclusions were made to their claims for Basic payment Scheme, Greening, Young Farmers or Less Favoured Area Support Scheme, in 2015.

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The letters will be issued in batches, commencing from October 11, and concluding at the end of the year. If customers have not received a letter by that time, then it is likely there was no scheme penalty applied and the monetary amount of any scheme reduction is less than £100.

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This is being done to ensure that customers have an opportunity for queries to be answered by Scottish Government staff, and have the opportunity to submit an appeal if necessary.

Anyone looking to appeal, is encouraged to contact their local area RPID office and have 60 days from the date of the decision letter to raise an appeal request. For cross compliance, the decision letter is the Inspection Findings Report which was issued following either the cross compliance or livestock inspection. When 60 day application period has already passed customers can no longer submit an appeal.