McCormick's latest X5 range features more power for the three models in the series – the X5.100 (95hp), X5.110 (102hp) and the X5.120 (114hp).

The range is also offered in two different trim levels – the hi-spec' Premium and Efficient entry-level machines. Two high clearance models are also available, the X5.100 HC and X5.110 HC, for horticultural crops.

The Stage 3B/Tier4 Interim engine on the previous range has been replaced with a Stage V model – the FPT F36 four-cylinder, 16-valve, 3.6-litre turbo intercooler, with Common Rail electronic injection. This also has a full suite of technology to get it within emission standrads – EGR, DOC, DPF and SCR.

It sounds a lot, but the exhaust gas treatment system is compact enough to be integrated under the bonnet, thus ensuring maximum visibility from the driver’s seat.

The diesel tank’s capacity has been increased to 135 litres, with an AdBlue tank of 13 litres, for greater daily performance with a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and decreased emissions.

The new hydraulic circuit is designed to increase productivity, offering flow rates of up to 82 l/min for the spool lines and 32 for the steering line, with up to 35 litres of oil available for use. This translates into greater operational convenience for the operator, thanks to faster execution, the possibility of performing multiple operations simultaneously, reduced consumption, lower engine speeds, and decreased noise and vibrations.

The driving comfort for the operator has been improved thanks to the suspended front axle option which, combined with the new mechanically-suspended cab, allows the vehicle to better tackle uneven terrain, while at the same time providing greater safety and comfort under all working conditions.

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Thanks to its four-pillar structure, the Total View Slim cab offers a maximised glazed area in order to provide a 360° field of vision, thus facilitating work in tight spaces, even at night thanks to the new LED lights (up to 10). The transparent hatch also provides greater visibility when using the front loader.

Boasting a captivating design and functional instrumentation, the cab’s interior features an automotive-style appearance, with excellent air conditioning. The features include a reclining and telescopic steering wheel, ergonomic and intuitive controls, and a DAB and Bluetooth radio with a built-in hands-free microphone.

Eight possible transmission configurations are available to handle any working conditions. These range from a Four Speed 12 F + 12 R with mechanical reverse shuttle, to a T-Tronic 48 F + 16 R with Hi-Medium-Low, hydraulic reverse shuttle and creeper. The Park Lock option, a transmission locking system on steep slopes, is also available.

The Twin Lock system, which simultaneously locks both the front and rear differentials, serves to maximise traction and grip. The system automatically engages and disengages the differential lock and four-wheel drive, making the operator's job easier and more efficient.

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Four-wheel integral braking is also possible thanks to the IBS (integrated brake system) with oil-bath brakes integrated into the front axle, reducing stopping distances by 50%. There's a suspended front axle option on Premium version.

It features up to six hydraulic spool valves, three of which are mechanically controlled and one electrically controlled. As an option, two can be mid-mounted for front hitch and front loader purposes, or even combined together.

There are four spool valves: standard, kick-out, floating and hydraulic motor, with versatile and customisable configurations. The optional flow selector allows managing up to seven hydraulic connectors.

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The available hitches are electronic and mechanical, equipped with ELS (Ergonomic Lift System). This allows end-of-field manoeuvres to be carried out quicker, while the electronics allow previously performed operations to be repeated. The same electronic hitch is equipped with a function for compensating the implement’s pitch during road transport.

The category two three-point linkages have a capacity of 4500 kg and there's two standard pto speeds, which can become four with HML (540/540E/1000/1000E).

With the electronic hitch, an auto pto function to engage and disengage when the hitch is used for end-of-field manoeuvres.

Another new feature is joystick control for easy management of the various loader commands, as well as transmission Hi-Lo and HML functions. The frame has been designed not to reduce the ground clearance when a loader is fitted, without affecting the turning radius.

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Better steering control and a constant monitoring of implements are ensured thanks to new satellite guidance and ISObus systems, managed by a touch screen display. McCormick Fleet Management also allows the tractor to be remotely monitored, allowing remote diagnostics.