Until a couple of years ago, the New Holland combine range comprised machines with a traditional threshing drum and straw walkers for grain separation, or fully rotary combines that threshed and separated grain using two lengthy rotors.

But introducing the CH7.70 brought a hybrid combination into the line-up for the first time – a harvester with cylinder threshing and rotary separation – and now there is a Laterale version that keeps all the internals level across sloping ground.

The mid-range machine, which New Holland describes as a ‘crossover’ combine, slots into the range with the 1.56m wide, 600mm diameter threshing drum from the six-walker CX 6, together with its cleaning system giving 5.21sq m of sieve area.

But the pair of rotors, each 542mm diameter and 3.45m long, provide significantly more separation capacity with the potential to raise overall output.

New Holland reckoned throughput can be 25% higher than an equivalent walker combine, in part thanks to a generous 374hp engine that supplies 34hp, or 10% more oomph than the CX6.90 walker equivalent.

Low levels of broken grain are also claimed for the set-up. The Laterale axle-based levelling system keeps the combine level across slopes up to 18%, with anything steeper compensated by the Smart Sieve system that introduces variable sideways movement into the sieves’ reciprocating action.

These systems complement the Triple-Clean three-step cascaded cleaning system and the Opti-Fan variable air delivery system that compensates when the combine is working up and down slopes.