KUHN’s new integral furrow press has been on show for the first time in the UK at a cultivation demonstration event in Shropshire.

Available currently for the four, five and six body models of the company’s Vari-Master L in-furrow ploughs, the Duo-Liner operates totally independently of the primary cultivator to offer the possibility of a drill-ready seedbed in a single pass.

Key to its design are two independent hydraulic parallelogram systems that attach the row of dual 600mm diameter press wheels to the plough. Using Kuhn's Steady Control automatic pressure regulation system, the Duo-Liner imparts up to 90kg of pressure at each pair of wheels to achieve optimum conditioning of ploughed ground.

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It also comes with the KTS 10 control box, enabling the lift and positioning of the Duo-Liner to be controlled from the tractor cab. Turnover control is fully automated and requires no input from the operator at headlands.