PLANS TO change the law to allow individuals to tow a large trailer weighing up to 3500kgs without the need to pass an additional trailer towing test have been suspended until further notice.

Previously, the UK Government had announced that it would scrap the test for towing trailers up to 3,500kgs, as a part of a suite of moves to help make space for an extra 50,000 HGV lorry tests each year – to address the ongoing driver shortages in the haulage industry.

At the eleventh hour, the UK Government U-turned on the idea and has said that the change will instead be introduced at a later date.

On Monday, November 15, car and trailer driving tests were ground to a halt as planned by the DVSA.

NFU Scotland stressed that this means that anyone who does not already hold a trailer licence for towing a heavier weight trailer with a light vehicle (B + E) will continue to be unable to tow.

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“This is the worst of both worlds as nobody can now obtain a licence to tow with a car or pickup and you can't tow without one," said NFU Scotland's transport specialist Jamie Smart.

“It is not clear when the law will change but we now know for certain that it didn't change on the 15 November," he continued. "There are indications that the new rules that would allow for those with a full car driving licence to tow a trailer with a car without an additional test may yet come in to legislation before the end of the year. As soon as we have further information, we will let our members know.

“Regardless of when the rule change comes into force, we continue to urge members to ensure that anybody towing has had adequate training to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation around trailers.”