THE Peugeot e-2008 GT-Line EV underlines the design tones that all manufacturers seem to adhere to to make their leccie-powered machines look different to the rest of the tribe.

In this case, as well as the angular new look created for the EV, it's the 3D i-cockpit display that really catches your eye. For those to whom the latest X-Box holds no fears, this will be a dawdle in the park for them – but for someone who has never played a computer game before (like me!) it's a bit daunting.

The 3D i-Cockpit is paired with a compact, multi-function steering wheel, a configurable 3D head-up display panel and either a seven, or 10-inch HD (as in the test car) colour touchscreen.

Peugeot have used small steering wheels before, but the one fitted to the e-2008 really does give a fantastic view of the main info panel that lies behind it.

Essentially, though, this remains quite an important model for the brand, standing as it does in the midst of an impressive array of SUV-styled cars that have become the norm on our roads these days.

It has the basic format of five doors for five passengers and the SUV-like space inside means there's plenty of 'boot' space for feet and luggage.

The one question everyone asks is: What's the range like. well, in this motor, a full charge will take you about 200 miles which is just about par for the course these days and from a practical 'can I get there and back in one' day scenario, that will shape whether you want or can live with one of these. At 200 miles, it's becoming a bit out-leccied by some other with claims of up to 280 miles now being bandied about.

As ever, driving a full electric vehicle does bring its challenges of whether you can put up with them or not, but you'd be hard pushed to say that the new e-2008 doesn't perform pretty well against the more conventional combustion engined variants. It does get off the mark pretty smartly thanks to the feed in power from the 'engine' – an 100 kWh electric motor that's rated at 136bhp and serviced by a line of 50 kWh batteries.

It handles pretty well too but that's where another EV trait comes into play and that's the fact that ALL electric vehicles are heavier than their conventional stablemates, which makes their handling different. That doesn't mean to say it's worth, but the low down weight on most of them means that your have to approach and accelerate out of corners a wee bit differently.

Sometimes you have to take, especially coming out of corners, because the power surge can be quite unexpected. But you get used to that soon enough.

The GT-line specification is heavy on safety features, with Lane Positioning Assist and Active Blind Spot Monitoring, while the interior trim features tri-material Alcantara and cloth seat trim, with a panoramic opening glass roof.

The next BIG question: How to charge it? The e-2008 Charging is made easy with three modes available: 10A/2.3kWh from a regular three-pin socket, which will give a full charge in 24 hours; accelerated charging at 32A/7kWh from an AC charging point, allowing full charge in 7.5 hours; or the rapid 100kWh from a dedicated DC charging station, achieving 80% charged in just 30 minutes (time for a coffee anyone?)

Using the on-board app – get the X-Box driver to sort this! – drivers are able to monitor, start, stop or programme charging remotely and the sat-nav will pinpoint charging points for you, if asked, as you go..

There are also three different driving modes, Sport, Normal and Eco – and two regenerative braking modes – Moderate and Increased – to help make maximise the range of the e-2008.

Prices for the all-new Peugeot 2008 SUV Active start from £20,150, but you have to add £8000 to the bottom line for the cheapest of the e-versions. But even the bottom spec' Active comes with 16-inch alloys and the i-Cockpit, but with a 3.5-inch instrument panel display.

Technology ramps up the scale on the GT Line trim, with a 180° colour reversing camera and connected 3D Navigation, including TomTom. There's 18-inch diamond-cut two-tone alloy wheels on this version, which has a choice of eight-colour ambient lighting inside, heated front seats, full LED headlights with Smartbeam and enough going on in the touch-screen to keep you busy for hours changing the settings! Prices for GT Line trim being at £32,000 for the e-2008 SUV – but all prices for the e-2008 include the £3500 Plug-In Car Grant.

UPDATED 23-11-21:

New Peugeot research has shown that four-in-10 parents in the UK would already prefer their children to jump straight into a fully electric vehicle and skip petrol and diesel car driving, yet a third believe it will be harder to learn to drive in one and own one.

Highlighting the rapidly growing trend among both parents and future drivers towards electrification, the research also comes after a record sales month for electric vehicles in the UK, with more than 32,000 fully electric cars registered in September, 2021, alone.