Blowing in to the Recommended List this coming season is LG Typhoon – is a high yielding group 4 hard wheat from breeders, Limagrain UK.

This variety is said to offer UK growers the package that they have been asking for in a hard wheat – a clean, consistent and resilient variety, with a solid all-round disease package and orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance.

It has shown excellent consistency of performance, yielding 102% across very differing climatic seasons and across the varying regions of the UK.

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“LG Typhoon offers growers flexibility in the rotation, across both sowing date and soil type,” pointed out Ron Granger, Limagrain UK’s arable technical manager.

“The variety exhibits a genuine suitability for the earlier sowing situation, endorsed by its combination of desirable agronomic characteristics – and this is reflected in its very high yield performance at this drilling window. It also excels as a second wheat.”

The reason for its consistent performance comes down to its excellent all-round foliar disease resistance, added Mr Granger. “This is shown by an untreated yield that is above many of the RL feed varieties, supported by a resistance rating of 7 for septoria – which significantly comes from a combination of sources different to those in current RL varieties.

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“LG Typhoon offers excellent yellow rust resistance, with a RL rating of 9 combined with YR seedling resistance – a valuable tool regarding fungicide programmes and timings.

“Plus, it is an attractive proposition with good ratings for all the diseases, including (6) for eyespot and fusarium, and the very valuable bonus of orange wheat blossom midge (OWBM) resistance.”

In terms of grain quality, it had a good specific weight (76.3 kg/hl), certainly equal or indeed better than many of the feed wheats on the new RL.