Good work at hand gave Mark Arres’ Midge the edge at Springhill, on a wet and windy day.

The Blackie hoggs ran well on a sideling course rising from right to left, but they were tricky to pen and shed.

Midge (M Arres’ Moss and Mo) ran out nicely to her sheep and lifted them. The hoggs were slightly off line on the fetch and Midge stayed on the top side to keep them from running uphill and got them through the gate.

She turned them neatly round Mark at the post and made a good line on the first drive leg. As they reached the gate, through the mist, a momentary lapse let the hoggs miss the gate. The cross drive was better, and they went through that gate for a good return to the pen.

Midge stopped two hoggs independently thinking of breaking, before they acted, and finished her winning run with a good shed, and the competition hot her heels.

Danny Mitchell’s Skye topped the list at two Stranraer trials. Lively Blackie hoggs ran on a flat field, with the wind and rain blowing off the Irish Sea onto the handler’s face at the first trial.

Skye (C Cropper’s Derwen Gus, D Mitchell’s Kate) ran out cleanly to her sheep, but she was slow to lift and let them go off line on the fetch. The drive was troublesome, but a clean pen and shed put her well ahead of the field.

Fresh Blackie hoggs running on an uphill course raised the standard of work dramatically, for the second trial, but Skye stayed on top. She ran out behind her sheep, and went out of sight at the top for a short time, but came in and lifted them a little off line, which impacted on the start of her fetch.

Her drive was exceptionally good and a clean pen followed. A good shed completed a second winning run of the day.

Cross hoggs at Knocknagael were in good fettle and ready to take advantage, undeterred by a day of wild, wet and windy conditions.

Michael Shearer’s Cap (JW Common’s Grit, B Smith’s Lass) got off to a good start, but they were loath to go through the fetch gate and time and experience put them through.

The chute proved to be the bogey of the run, but Cap penned and completed his run with a good shed.

A mix of cross hoggs were reluctant to move from the top of a flat field on a day of wild weather at Hunterston open trial.

They needed firm control to take them round the course, but were unforgiving of pressure. Chris Toner’s Niro Mace (DK Evans’ Ace, C Toner’s Maid) did well and his good work at hand set the seal on nursery dog Mace’s win at his first open trial.

LEADING awards

Knocknagael (Judge: E MacKinnon, Coulags). Nursery – 30 ran – 1, MC Shearer’s Cap, Westfield, 88; 2, J Grant’s Meg, Dunbeath, 80; 3, J Grant’s Pat, Dunbeath,79; 4, G Simpson’s Luna, Forgue, 78; 5, H Johnstone’s Shep, Fyvie, 75; 6, V Shearer’s Misty, Westfield, 73; 7, G Simpson’s Fleet, Forgue, 70; 8, G Simpson’s Trish, Forgue, 68; 9, J Grant’s Lad, Dunbeath, 65; 10, G Bruce’s Teeick, Meikle Tillyeve, 64 outbye; 11, T Coghill Robertson’s Denwyn Buddy, Barrock, 64.

Hunterston, West Kilbride (Judge: F Shennan, Barr). Open – 40 ran – 1, C Toner’s Niro Mace, Drimsynie, 86; 2, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 83; 3, C Toner’s Niro Sue, Drimsynie, 73; 4, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 72 outbye; 5, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 72; 6, J Henderson’s Vic, Fairlie, 70.

Springhill (Judge: M Davidson, Lilburn). Nursery – 11 ran – 1, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 83; 2, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 82; 3, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 81; 4, C Dickson’s Alfie, Coldingham,75; 5, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 70; 6, A Dickman’s Glen, Oxton, 64. Novice – 1, D MacLean’s, Rede, Longformacus, 60; 2, E Runciman’s Kim, Lauder, 52.

Beoch, Stranraer I (Judge: W Welsh, Dalcairney). Nursery – 11 ran – 1, D Mitchell’s Skye, New Luce, 76; 2, S McCrindle’s Tess, Stranraer, 70; 3, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 54; 4, A Stewart’s Niro Jet, Lockerbie, 50; 5, D Porter’s Fern, Stranraer, 47; 6, C Caygill’s Stan, Whinnyliggate, 44.

Beoch, Stranraer II (Judge: C Darwent, Dumfries House). Nursery – 11 ran – 1, D Mitchell’s Skye, New Luce, 86; 2, J McGowan’s Gyp, Portpatrick, 82; 3, S McCrindle’s Tess, Stranraer, 79; 4, C Armstrong’s Isla, Archbank, 72; 5, A Stewart’s Niro Jet, Lockerbie, 67; 6, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 66; 7, D Porter’s Fern, Stranraer, 61; 8, C Caygill’s Stan, Whinnyliggate, 54.