Most feedmills across Scotland have added £100/t to livestock feed from the prices they offered at the start of winter. Following cereal prices also jumping by over £100/t since harvest, feed companies have been forced to follow suit. Dark grains, blends and concentrates are all up in price, with products offered at £300/t in autumn now costing £400/t for farmers feeding livestock.

Soya bean meal prices have also been on the rise, with the crop key to setting the price of protein in animal feeds. AHDB recently reported soyameal at £494/t for April 22, which is a dramatic rise from the £374/t price in October last year.

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James McCulloch, head of feed sector at AIC, said: ““The compound animal feed market has been directly affected by the challenges in global commodity markets, particularly increases in the costs of fuel and fertiliser – both of which are required to produce feed materials – as a result of the war in Ukraine.

"AIC is regularly providing information to all parts of Government, including in Scotland, to ensure the supply of farm inputs. We recognise the challenges this is causing to livestock businesses across the UK and encourage livestock farmers and their feed suppliers to remain in close contact over the coming months in order to plan how best to manage this difficult situation.”