Difficulties in the supply chain have caused the Toby Carvery restaurant chain to to drop lamb from their Sunday menu.

The roast dinner buffet specialist stated that lamb is now 'only available on specific dates for the time being'. adding that the shortage was 'due to a supplier issue'.

Some customers have taken to social media to moan about the lack of lamb in the company's restaurants. Ben Marriott, who stated that he is a butcher from Nottingham, wrote to Toby Carvery to vent his frustration.

“Why am I being told you can’t get lamb? The whole point of me coming to eat out this Sunday is because you do lamb, and now all of a sudden you don’t," fumed Mr Marriott.

When told by Toby Carvery’s media team that the issue was with supply, the butcher replied: “There’s no problem with the supply. Your carver just told us that it’s the price.”

Toby Carvery’s Twitter account apologised for any 'misinformation' Mr Marriott received and said: “The lamb is only being offered on selected Sundays for the time being due to ongoing stock issues.

The proclaimed ‘home of the roast’ now only lists beef, gammon and turkey on its menu. The Toby brand was established in 1985 and runs across 158 sites in the UK, as part of Mitchells & Butlers plc.

According to AHDB the price of a lamb leg in the shops rose from £10.83/kg last July to £12.50/kg this year. Meanwhile the farm gate price for an R3L in the UK currently £6.38/kg compared to £5.19/kg last year. This means the retail price has jumped just over 15% whilst the farm gate price rose 23% on the year.