The number of new tractor registrations in the UK has dropped 36% on the year, down to 938 new vehicles sold in June, according to the latest figures from the Agricultural Engineers' Association.

An AEA spokesperson said: “June 2021’s figure was unusually high but this year’s total is towards the bottom end of the range seen for the same month in recent years, although the extended Bank Holiday weekend at the start of the month may have had some impact.

"The total number of machines registered during the first half of the year reached 6420. That is 6% fewer than in January to June 2021, despite reports that there is no shortage of demand, indicating the scale of the supply chain challenges facing manufacturers. Registrations for the year to date were still 6% above the five-year average, though.”

Tractor registrations are used as a broad indicator of the strength of the domestic market for agricultural equipment. Tractors must be licensed for use on public roads and as such are registered with the Department for Transport which allows an accurate count to be made.