Two stolen milk tankers from Lancashire Farm Dairies have been recovered after being pinched from Gisburn Auction Mart near Clitheroe.

The equipment had been stolen between August 19 and 20, with one of the tanks full of 28,000 litres of milk according to the company’s social media post. The dairy were seeking information from the public for details or information which could help the police with their investigation.

However Lancashire Farm Dairies then announced that the two tankers had been recovered by the police.

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Its social media post read: "We just wanted to extend a huge thank you to all those who helped, shared, posted about the missing trailers over the weekend. Fortunately we recovered both vehicles over the weekend and they are now back with us.

"We wanted to extend a special thank you for all the team at Lancashire Police who worked non stop through-out the weekend to help us recover them."

The tankers were recovered in a usable condition and are now back out collecting milk for the company.