The first ever Women’s Eight Hour Strongwool Ewe World Record has been set by Kent-based shearer Marie Prebble, when she sheared 370 ewes at Trefranck Farm, Launceston, Cornwall last Thursday.

Ms Prebble began shearing at 7am for two hours, followed by three more two hour runs with the challenge ending at 5pm.

Speaking afterwards, she said: “I am very aware that not just anyone gets to stand up and attempt a world record, especially somewhere as prestigious as Trefranck. Yet, here I am, because someone has got to be the first. I’m honoured to have that opportunity. Fortunately for me the team around me has enabled me to dream bigger than I dared possible.

“I am proud to work in an industry where women are paid exactly the same rates as men, where men and women gain respect equally for the hard work they do. In competitions, to shear according to my grade and not just my gender. I love this industry where world record holders help other ambitious shearers reach their goals.”

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Commenting on the successful record attempt, British Wool communications supervisor, James Bickerton, said: “On behalf of British Wool, I would like to congratulate Marie on what was a tremendous achievement.

“This challenge has taken a lot of preparation and this success will help raise the profile of female shearers and importance of shearing as a skill, we congratulate Marie on her success.”

Fundraising for the Lily Foundation charity took place on the day raising money to support families affected by Mitochondrial Disease and St Luke’s Hospice with an auction of items and a raffle.