Cereal farmers in Pakistan have lost over 320 billion rupees (£1.25bn) worth of crops in the recent devastating floods according the country's Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

The report revealed that the worst affected area, Sindh, has had 2,845,046 acres of cropland either completely or partially damaged, while the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area has lost 14,397 acres, and Balochistan has lost 108,295 acres.

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The worst affected crops are cotton, date palm, sugarcane, onion, Kharif chillies, rice, and date palms. In Sindh province, its 1.5m acres of cotton and 101,000 acres of date palm trees have been completely destroyed at a cost of millions.

At least 1136 people have been killed since June and roads, crops, homes and bridges washed away across the country. The UN's secretary general described the country as facing 'a monsoon on steroids', after floods submerged a third of the country.