GPS tracking equipment has been stolen from agricultural vehicles in East Lothian.

Farming and rural communities are being urged to remain “vigilant” at all times following the thefts.

Police have noted thefts taking place in East Lothian and Northumberland recently.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “We would advise farmers and dealers where possible to secure the vehicles and systems in lockable buildings, mark them up to make them distinctive and ensure you have their relevant details (serial numbers).

“We recommend multiple levels of security to deter, delay and detect thieves.

“Our top four tips are:

  • Install an alarm system where quads are kept;
  • Don’t leave keys in or near your vehicles;
  • Secure the building they are stored in;
  • Install trackers.”

Other recommendations include forensic security marking and signs, parking vehicles in front of shed doors at night, high-quality chains and ground or wall anchors to secure quad bikes, and CESAR vehicle marking.