A FAMOUS Scottish crisps brand which recently changed its name is now available for consumers to buy under its new guise.

Crisps and popcorn formerly sold as Mackie’s are on sale in supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s under the new Taylors Snacks brand.

The listings follow a well-publicised name change last month, which came about after a long-running joint venture between the Taylor and Mackie Scottish family businesses came to an end.

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Taylors, a fourth-generation family farming business, took full control of the Mackie’s at Taypack joint venture last year.

Although the products have rebranded, the recipe for the crisps and popcorn remain unchanged, and continue to be made by Taylors at its farm in Perthshire.

More than 500,000 packets of the crisps are sold per week and Taylors is looking for that volume to grow.

The range, which runs from pickled onion to sea salt, is sold in Morrisons, Asda and convenience stores around Scotland, in addition to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and other stockists are in the pipeline.

James Taylor, managing director at Taylors Snacks, said: “We’ve been on a journey in the past year, refining market insight and crafting a Taylors brand that we’re all so proud of. We’re delighted some of the country’s leading supermarkets have taken to the new look straight away.

“By placing it on the snack aisles around the country, we’re hoping that it allows new customers to fall in love with our produce, while keeping the crisps accessible to our long-standing customers.”

Taylors Snacks has invested more than £400,000 in TV, radio, and out-of-home digital advertising to promote the new brand over the next six months. The campaign will see the crisps advertised on national TV for the first time.

Mr Taylor added: “Our main goal is to become a household snack brand across the whole of the UK – and with loads in the works at Taylors Snacks right now, we feel we’re on the right track.

“To have the confidence of a number of the big retailers shows we’re in a strong place at Taylors Snacks at the moment and we can’t wait to continue to grow our brilliant brand.”

The Perthshire-based Taylors-Mackie's joint venture was founded in 2009.

Mackie’s continues to produce ice cream and chocolate under its name at its Aberdeenshire farm.