A CUMBRIAN farm is to host a Down to Earth Regenerative Farming event next month.

Park House Farm at Torpenhow, near Wigton, will open its farmgates as one of two 'Down to Earth' events planned by the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers' (RABDF) on Thursday, July 6.

Visitors to Cumbria will have the opportunity to see Mark and Jenny Lee’s organic farm, which consists of 175 milking crossbred cows, certified 100 per cent pasture fed by Pasture for Life and mob-grazed on a 30-40 day rotation using 2.5km of grazing tracks.

At both events, Virgin Money will highlight the importance of carbon reduction for the future of sustainable farming and advocate the process of carbon auditing in benchmarking and monitoring a farm businesses journey to carbon net zero.

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Virgin Money’s Head of Agriculture, Brian Richardson, welcomes the opportunity to help promote this essential message at both the environmentally focussed Down to Earth events.“Farming in the future is about food production and the environment working in harmony. The Down to Earth events are going to showcase new approaches and give dairy farmers a better understanding of what is meant by regenerative agriculture, and how this can complement and help deliver change in the farming sector. Virgin Money is working hard with farmers and representative organisations like the RABDF to make sure the industry can deliver on its commitments to that environmental and net zero agenda, whilst still producing the fantastic quality food it has delivered over many years.”

“At Virgin Money we’ve been working with professional partners and farmers across the country to encourage the industry to tackle the challenges of change positively and practically, and we’re grateful for this great chance to learn and to showcase good practice and support the longer-term profitability of Agriculture.”

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The Down to Earth initiative has been developed by the RABDF to focus on the benefits of regenerative farming in the dairy industry, to help build a food system that meets the needs of consumers, livestock, and the environment.

As pressure mounts for UK farming to become more sustainable, the Down to Earth on-farm events can help equip farmers with the knowledge and best practice to produce world-class food on their farms in an efficient and environmentally sensitive manner.