Society of Master Saddlers Introductory Saddle and Bridle Fitting Courses

Whether you want to gain an insight into the world of saddle or bridle fitting for your own interest, or to work towards a career, the Society of Master Saddlers' introductory courses are the perfect place to start – and one is coming to Scotland.

Under the expert guidance of a team of qualified lecturers, attendees will learn all about the basic principles of saddle fitting.

The course is in two parts, theory and practical, with the theory section delivered via several webinars which can be watched at home. Topics covered in this part of the course include horse anatomy, structure and function of the horse’s back and saddle design and construction.

The second part of the course is a practical day where the theory you have learnt is brought to life, plus you will learn more about horse conformation, movement and templating. Also, there will be demonstrations, discussions and some hands-on saddle fitting experience.

In the introductory bridle fitting course, the SMS team will guide 'students' through the basic principles of bridle fitting.

Again, it is in two parts, theory and practical – the former delivered via webinars – while the second part is a practical day where you will put the theory into practise as well as learning more about fitting different nosebands and double bridle.

The courses take place at the Scottish National Equestrian Centre, Oatridge, West Lothian – the saddle course is on October 18, while the bridle fitting classes are on October 19.

For further information contact the Society of Master Saddlers on 01449 711642 or visit