Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he contemplated putting Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington on the market after a series of "disasters".

The former Top Gear presenter admitted spending the week contemplating selling the farm after struggling with problems such as failed crops and adverse weather conditions making it hard to turn over a profit.

In the farm’s first year, he made just £114 but that would be a dream result when this year's figures come in.

The farm has also been the centre of rows with the local councils, with Mr. Clarkson being vocal about the problems he has encountered.

Earlier this year, he also issued a frantic warning to customers after fears emerged that a batch of his Hawkstone cider bottles could explode due to over-fermentation.

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This past summer, the adverse weather has meant his wheat has resulted in poor yields, meaning the farm faces a year of low profit-making.

He admitted he had tried conventional farming, diversification, and using different livestock but none of them had been fruitful when it comes to moneymaking.

Writing in his Sunday Times column, he said:  “I arrived at a crossroads and was not sure which way to turn.

"I could sell the farm and earn far more from the interest than I do from growing bread and beer and vegetable oil.”

He went on to say he enjoys owning the Oxfordshire farm, worth up to £13million and which could be passed onto his children tax-free.

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He wrote: “But I like having it and for very good reasons. There are no death duties on farmland, so my children like me have it too.

"This means I have to hang on to it, but what then? Do nothing? That would be heartbreaking.”

The Scottish Farmer: Jeremy Clarkson at the Memorial Hall in Chadlington, where he held a meeting with local residents over concerns about his Oxfordshire farm shop

Mr. Clarkson has settled on keeping the farm for now after nine months’ worth of fertiliser has already been bought.

His land agent, who he refers to as Cheerful Charlie, had met Mr. Clarkson over a cup of tea and told the former Top Gear presenter he had bought the fertiliser. 

Amazon Prime confirmed in October last year that a third series of Clarkson's Farm was in the works but the company has not said what the exact release date is in 2024.

The Scottish Farmer: Queues outside the farm shop Queues outside the farm shop (Image: PA)In February Jeremy Clarkson said that his 'rough guess' was that the show would return 18 months from then.

It’s being reported that Mr Clarkson is in talks with Amazon over renewing the show for a fourth season, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Season one and two of Clarkson’s Farm are available to watch on Prime Video now.